HARP Loans

A sweet sound for struggling homeowners.

The housing market crash undermined a lot of people’s finances. The Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) Loan is designed to help homeowners who are paying off a house that has lost significant value. This federal government program can provide some financial freedom. Refinance to a lower-rate mortgage with no down payment requirement. Plus, you have the choice of fixed or adjustable rates over various terms.

Key Features:

  • Expanded loan-to-value ratios provide additional assistance
  • Get financial relief if you’re paying off a high-rate mortgage on a home that’s worth less than you owe


Down Payment None
Terms Multiple years, fixed and ARM
Credit Score 620 minimum
Mortgage Insurance Yes
Maximum Loan Limit $417,000*
*Some “high balance” areas have loan limits above the standard level.

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